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Kasa Bainesay Harbor's Speech

UN International Holocaust memorial Remembrance Day, Wellington January 2018

Israeli Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Mrs Kasa Bainesay Harbor 

We have gathered here today to remember and to show our respect to the victims of the Holocaust.

Six Million Jews, one third of the Jewish nation, were murdered by Nazis in the Shoa-Holocaust.

One and a half million of these murdered Jews were innocent children whose whole life was still ahead of them. Each and every one of them, men, women, children, had  a name, had a loving family, had friends, dreams, aspirations and life of their own.

Each Jewish child who was murdered had a future ahead of him- potential capabilities that never materialized.

Alexander Kimmel, a Holocaust survivor wrote about a mother carrying her daughter in her arms, standing in line to be executed by a Nazi officer,

 the little girl asked her mother  “ why aren’t we running away, they are going to kill us, and the mother answered: where can we run to?”

This year’s United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance day theme is “Give nothing to Racism.”

Anti-Semitism is one of the oldest and most dangerous forms of racism still around today.

It is especially dangerous now in 2018 , because it does not just preach hatred of Jews and the Jewish faith, but seeks to deny the reality of history, deny our rights to our eternal capital of Jerusalem and shamelessly deny the Holocaust.

 However, somehow Holocaust denial has become a niche industry created for one specific purpose, which is the racist doctrine of de-legi-ti-mizing the Jewish claim to Jerusalem and the land of Israel.

We need to remember the prejudice against Jews will be prejudice against other minorities.

In order to make sure that a Holocaust will never repeat itself and in order to make sure that every Jewish person who is in need has a safe home, we must guarantee that the state of Israel will be a strong, independent and safe one.

The holocaust is the most significant tragedy in the history of the Jewish nation and we are obligated to remember it, and to educate, Never Again.

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